English as an Additional Language/ Dialect

EALD is a program of study based on the language learning needs of students whose first language is not English. Lanyon High School maintains a strong and supportive EALD focus. EALD students attend a regular timetabled line of EALD with highly qualified EALD teachers. Every effort is made to assist these students to follow the mainstream English curriculum. This occurs in smaller classes with tailored, individual assistance and at an appropriate pace for their language learning needs. In addition to concentrating on the language development of EALD students, EALD teachers monitor and assist students in the language requirements of other subjects, including research, assignments or tasks which have a high literacy component or specialised vocabulary. The EALD program develops the four macro skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing to a level where the students will achieve success in both their academic and personal lives.

Please contact Jessie-Kate Harmey for more information.