Write a science practical report


  • What is valuable in this task
  • Experiment details
  • Title
  • Aim
  • Hypothesis
  • Equipment
  • Method
  • Diagrams
  • Results & Observations
  • Discussion
  • Important - This Is Where You Discuss the Science
  • Conclusion


  • What does it look/feel/sound like when it is done well
  • Your name
  • Lab Partners
  • Date
  • Your title must be short, informative and link directly to the experiment.
  • Describes the purpose of the experiment.
  • What are we investigating and why?
  • Use scientific language to describe what you think the outcome of the experiment will be.
  • Your Aim and Hypothesis will be proved or disproved from this experiment.
  • Provides a vertical and complete list of all the materials used during the experiment in scientific language.
  • Provides progressive, step by step instructions from the beginning to the end that can be correctly duplicated by others.
  • Presents Diagrams of your experiment set up and or results.
  • Includes an appropriate title and is accurate, complete and properly labelled.
  • Presents any graphs or tables recording information.
  • Describes your experimental observations using correct scientific language.
  • Describes the results and the observations in detail.
  • Explain why you think you got those results. Try to relate your results to any theory or information you have discussed in class or researched yourself.
  • Link it back to the aim and hypothesis, and if they were supported by the results. If not, explain why.
  • What did and did not work?
  • What would you do the same or differently? Were there any safety aspects that could be improved on?
  • Did you make any interesting observations beyond what you were looking for?
  • Shows the connection between the Aim and the achieved results.
  • Did your results prove or disprove the Aim and how did you see this.
  • No new information!!!

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