Staff Directory

Lanyon High School

Executive phone: 6205 7676

Principal: Bill Thomson

Deputy Principal: Julie Collins 

Business and Facilities Manager: Sarah Morris

Student Services

Phone: 6205 5919

Anne Dunn (SLC Student services) 

Kim Rice (SLC Pastoral Care)  

Joh Davies (SLC  Pastoral Care)

Jennifer Smith (School Psychologist, Provisional) 

Jess Haythorpe (Youth Support Worker)

Claire McDonnell (School Nurse)

Learning Support

Lisa Musitano

Andrew Headley

Curriculum Banks 

Green Home School -  English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Japanese

Phone: 6205 7255

Rachael Radvanyi  (SLC)

Prue Gill (SLC Professional Practice)

Shannon Beck

Adrian Haynes

Laura Hicks

Jennifer Nott (Year 10 Coordinator)

Jane Offley

Yuka Kanehira

Matt Sandeman

Jessica-Kate Watson

Gold Home School -  Mathematics,Science, Physical Education

Phone: 6205 5925

Ed Cuthbertson (SLC)

Beth Bradfield(Year 9 Coordinator)

Sam Delaney

Lisa Green

Kurt Halbauer

Andrew Heher

Cat Hubbard (Year 8 Coordinator)

Heather MacDonald

Rachael Nielsen

Teegan Williamson (Year 7 Coordinator)

Red Home School - The Arts and Technology

Phone: 6205 5901

Kim Smith (SLC)

Roxanne Butler

Karinne Campbell

Luke Foran

Kelly-Anne Guy

Emma Menzies

Tim Pike

School Administration Staff

Phone: 6205 7676

Denis Kidman (Facilities Manager)

Penny Maggs

Thea O'Mara

Mike Rawson

Maree Tollenar

Foster Townsend