Student Services

The Student Services Team is made up of:

  • Executive teacher and Disability Education Contact Officer Teegan Williamson
  • Pastoral care executive teacher
  • Pastoral care coordinators
  • School psychologist
  • Youth worker
  • School youth health nurse

Pastoral Care at Lanyon High School

Students receive individualized support from their Pastoral Care (PC) teacher, who is not just the contact teacher but a classroom teacher who spends significant time with students each day.   Students and PC teachers are further supported by the Student Services team.

This team aims to support all students and meet their needs to achieve success at school and maintain well being.

Pastoral Care Teachers

Year 7

Pastoral Care Advisor: Kurt  Halbauer

Year 8

Pastoral Care Advisor: Emma Menzies

Year 9

Pastoral Care Advisor: Matt Sandeman

Year 10

Pastoral Care Advisor: Jessie-Kate Harmey