Student Services

The Student Services Team is made up of:

  • Executive teacher 
  • Pastoral care executive teacher
  • Pastoral care coordinators
  • School Psychologist
  • Youth worker
  • Careers Coordinator
  • Nurse

Pastoral Care at Lanyon High School 

Students receive individualized support from their Pastoral Care (PC) teacher, who is not just the contact teacher but a classroom teacher who spends significant time with students each day.   Students and PC teachers are further supported by the Student Services team.   

This team aims to support all students and meet their needs to achieve success at school and maintain well being.  

Pastoral Care Teachers

Year 7

Pastoral Care Coordinator:  Teegan Williamson

7A - Matt Sandeman

7B - Hayley Borg

7C - Sam Delaney

7D - Prue Gill

Year 8 

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Cattlin Hubbard

8A - Shannon Beck

8B - Jessica - Kate Watson

8C - Lisa Green

8D - Andrew Heher

Year 9 

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Beth Bradfield

9A - Adrian Haynes 

9B - Kurt Halbauer

9C - Rachel Nielsen

9D - Luke Foran

Year 10

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Jennifer Nott

10A - Laura Hicks

10B - Alison Kirkpatrick

10C - Heather McDonald

10D - Kelly-Anne Guy