Digital Learning

Bring Your Own Device

At Lanyon High School we are committed to enhancing and enriching student learning by providing students with the opportunity to communicate and collaborate using an online learning environment.    
The school provides students with access to an extensive computer network including ipads, netbooks, classroom computers and five computer labs.  However, to supplement and extend the use of these resources we encourage our students to BYOD - Bring Your Own Device.
Whilst any internet connected device can be beneficial in the classroom, the school has recently started to work in a Google classroom environment.   In 2015 we have purchased Chrome Books and these have now become the preferred electronic device for student use.
Lanyon High School provides a WIFI network which students may connect to while using their devices in the school.

Google Classroom

At Lanyon High School we use the new cloud service,  Google Apps for Education.   This service is hosted on our Schools Net domain, providing students with a greater level of security and the school with the ability to monitor usage.

Students will now have access to their files, school email, teacher feedback, calendars, and collaborative tools to create documents, presentations, and sites whenever they have access to the internet - at any time, from most types of devices.

For more information about Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education you click on the following link:

Digital Backpack

Use this link to access your Digital Backpack.