Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith (far-left) is a graduate of Lanyon High School. We asked him some questions!

What have you been up to since graduating?

Since high school, I attended Erindale College for years 11 and 12, and then went to ANU in 2013 to study molecular biology. I’m currently in the final months of my PhD examining how plants regulate gene expression in response to environmental stress, such as drought.

How did LHS help you get to where you are today?

Teachers make schools what they are, and I had a number of very influential teachers during my time at Lanyon High. I think they were a big part of how I approached study after leaving high school.

What’s your advice to LHS students, especially those that want to pursue science?

Don’t get caught in the trap of thinking you need to decide your whole future during high school. Keep your options open, and don’t worry that you don’t know exactly what you want to do (I didn’t!). Likewise, for science students: don’t neglect other subjects! There are a lot of skills you learn in them that are essential to being a good scientist.

📸 Image: Jack Fox, ANU