VET Courses

Food and Hospitality

The Food and Hospitality 2 class is a VET (Vocational Educational Training) class that enables the students to work towards completing a Statement of Attainment in certificate I in Hospitality. The qualifications that the students achieve in this class are recognised nationally throughout the Hospitality industry. There are 17 students enrolled in the class this year and part of their commitment of the class is to dedicate time outside of their normal class hours in order to build up on their practical time.

Some of the things the students are doing in order to make up their required hours are to:

  • make and serve espresso coffee and hot chocolates to students and staff every morning from the café
  • run a lunchtime café serving food that the class has made during practical lessons and espresso coffee;
  • a restaurant that members of the school community will be able to book in to.
  • Preparing finger food for the audience of Lanyon Under the Stars (approx 400 people)

All money raised in the cafe and restaurants goes back into the hospitality department to upgrade equipment and supplies for the hospitality students.