Careers And Further Training


Vocational Learning Options

Vocational Learning Options or VLOs are short career education and vocational learning programs that aim to strengthen students’ engagement with their learning and career planning. VLOs provide an opportunity for students to develop a connection between their interests and a future pathway to post-school vocational education and training (VET), higher level studies or apprenticeships in skilled occupations. Delivered in an authentic learning or work environment, VLOs provide an alternative learning experience for students whilst continuing to attend high school or college. VLOs are delivered one day per week over a 10-12 week period during school hours. Students attend school 4 days per week and then attend a registered training provider 1 day per week. Students will receive a certificate of attainment at the completion of the course.

Please contact Adrian Haynes for further specific information regarding VLOs.


Australian School-based Apprenticeships (ASBAs)

Australian School-based Apprenticeships offer students who are 15 years and over the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification by combining paid work and training as a part of their education. Students are required to attend high school 3 days a week to complete their year 10 certificate. In addition to this, they attend a work site 1 day a week and a training facility 1 day week. ASBAs are available in a range of fields including:

The Careers Coordinator offers many other opportunities that assists students in making a smooth transition from high school to college, training or work at the completion of year 10.

Students, parents and carers are encouraged to contact and meet with the Careers coordinators Lisa Johnston or Adrian Haynes to discuss any queries they might have.

Please contact Adrian Haynes for further specific information regarding ASBAs.