Careers And Further Training

Vocational Learning Options (VLOs)

Vocational Learning Options or VLOs are career education and vocational learning programs that aim to strengthen students’ engagement with their learning and career planning.

VLOs provide an opportunity for students to make a connection between their school learning, interests, Career aspirations and a future area of study, training, or work.  VLOs are delivered by Industry experts in an authentic or real work environment. Providing students with an opportunity to gain a cluster of competencies in line with their vocational interest. VLOs typically consist of 9 to 16 sessions one day a week over a semester, delivered by an external registered training organisation (RTO). Students attend school 4 days per week and then attend an RTO 1 day per week. Students will receive a certificate of attainment at the completion of the course.

VLOs are delivered in a range of industry areas including hairdressing, plumbing, tourism, make-up, hospitality, electrotechnology, early childhood education, community services, animal services, fitness and nursing, or other areas where student interest is identified.

VLO’s help students to build career management skills,

Students are encouraged to discuss their participation in a VLO with their parent/carer before they submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Students require a Unique Student Identifier (USI) reference number before commencing a VLO

Please contact Glenda Johnson Career Practitioner for further specific information regarding VLOs.

Australian School-based Apprenticeships (ASbAs)

To be eligible for an ASbA, a student must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, New Zealand passport holder resident for more than 6 months or hold an eligible visa. A student going into an ASbA must also be at least 15 years-of-age.

* Certificate II – 11-20 hours per week

* Certificate III – 15-20 hours per week > unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant industry award, 20% of the total hours per week should be applied to all structured learning.

During school holidays, ASbAs may work up to full-time hours as per the award.

Students should complete their Pathways Plan and share modules with school staff.  Students must notify their ASbA coordinator of their proposed plan to gain an ASbA. Students are encouraged to have a career conversation, explain the career decision making process and develop a plan with their school Career practitioner.

Students are required to attend high school 3 days a week to complete their year 10 certificate. In addition to this, they attend a work site 1 day a week and a training facility 1 day week. ASBAs are available in a range of fields including:

Australian Apprenticeships are available in a variety of certificate levels, in traditional trades, as well as a diverse range of careers in most sectors of business and industry, including:

The Careers service offers many other opportunities that assists students in making a smooth transition from high school to college, training or work at the completion of year 10.

Students, parents, and carers are encouraged to contact and meet with the Career Practitioner Glenda Johnson to discuss any queries they might have.

Please contact for further information regarding ASBAs.