Graduation Points

Graduation Points

Students in years 9 and 10 earn graduations points for their involvement in the Lanyon High School community, both academically and in extra curricular and culture building activities.  Students are encouraged to collect these points and aim for various levels of achievement in order to graduate or graduate with merit or excellence at our Year 10 Graduation Ceremony.

Students are required to complete Graduation Point Claim Forms for each activity they participate in, with the exception of academic achievement and whole school carnival events where they are automatically entered.

Graduation Point Targets:

Students must earn a minimum of **215 points for Graduation from Lanyon High School, and therefore be eligible to attend the graduation ceremony.

**215 Point - Graduation

**235 Points - Graduation with Merit

**265 Points - Graduation with Excellence

*It is the students’ responsibility to claim graduation points.  They should complete Graduation Point Slips, which need to be signed by the organising teacher.  Slips can be collected and submitted at the rolls office.

**2021 Year 10 students' graduation point requirements are reduced due to the restrictions put on activities because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ways to earn Graduation Points

Graduation Points Scheme