Positive Behaviours for Learning

Positive Behaviours for Learning at Lanyon High School (PBL)

To support student wellbeing, Lanyon High School uses the Positive Behaviours for Learning framework.  We encourage all students to be Safe, Respectful, Learners.  These PBL values are explicitly taught in relation to classroom, playground and general areas of the school and are supported in all of our messaging around the school.  Students are recognised on a daily basis for displaying the qualities of a Safe, Respectful, Learner and are celebrated at school assemblies through our Lanyon Legends program.

Lanyon Legends Program (PBL)

Each year group is allocated to a House Group, which the students named in honour of four significant people who are relevant to our community.  Students earn points for their house when they are recognised for being Safe, Respectful, Learners and also for participating in school culture building activities such as, Simply the Best assembly competitions, school carnivals, etc.  A running total of house points is updated weekly and displayed in the “Pom Pom Poles” at the front office as well as being celebrated at each assembly.  The House Groups are: