Work Experience

Work Experience (WEX)

Work Experience is an opportunity for year 9 and 10 students to participate in industry placements. Students have an opportunity to learn first-Hand about the world of work. The purpose of Work experience is to provide guidance for students to support the transition from school to working life.

Wex is a short-term unpaid participation in the workplace as a learner and observer. WEX allows students to gain knowledge of an Industry and understanding of the variety of the roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

Students are encouraged to talk to their career Practitioner or Pastoral care class teachers at school. Students 14 years and over are eligible to participate in workplace learning programs.

Students are required to contact employers from the Inplace website which can be found through the student backpack portal. If students have been accepted for a placement through family or friends talk to your career practitioner to have them registered on Inplace.  Once a placement has been confirmed, your career practitioner will generate a 4-way agreement. This agreement must be signed by you, a parent/carer, your career practitioner, and the Host employer.

Students are welcome to come and see Glenda Johnson about a possible work experience placement or email for more information.