School starts at 9:00am. The first bell rings at 8:55am to ensure all student are in class on time at 9:00am. If you are aware your child will be late please send them to the Rolls Office with a note so that the school does not have to contact you.

If your child is absent and you are unable to contact the school by phone you can send an email to: absences@lanyonhs.act.edu.au

Student Medication

Before any staff member accepts responsibility for administering prescribed medication to a student in their care, the principal must:

  • Ensure a comprehensive written authority is obtained from the student's parent(s) for a member of staff to administer the prescribed medication.
  • Seek from the student's parent(s) a written statement from the students doctor authorising a member of staff to prescribe the medication. The statement should also set out the necessary directions and specify any special precautions that may exist.

If the Front Office is currently administering medication to your child at your request, it would be appreciated if you could provide the above permissions and information to Front Office staff as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that your child is receiving proper assistance with their medication.

NOTE: Despite the Government Schools enrolment forms giving the option of parental permission for the school to administer panadol to students, the school is actually legally not allowed to provide your child with this medication.

If your child is feeling unwell and requests panadol, a staff member will contact the appropriate person and request that they come to the school to give the child the medicine themselves as we are not legally allowed to give students any medication that is not prescribed, even with verbal permission from their parent/guardian/carer.