Curriculum Documents

Listed below are links to the curriculum documents for all of the academic subjects taught at Lanyon High School. These documents give a broad overview to the topics, learning activities and assessment tasks that occur in each subject. All academic subjects are aligned to the Australian Curriculum;

Curriculum planning is designed to have fluidity and teachers are encouraged to be responsive to the needs of various students and the influences of broader society. At the same time, teachers aim to have some level of commonality between classes in order to provide consistency in both teaching and assessment.

Assessment is comprised of a combination of larger tasks and ongoing, daily learning tasks that are assessed through a process of ongoing collection of evidence of learning. Larger tasks could be exams, essays, reports, oral presentations, as well as products, such as artworks or constructed items. Teachers use common assessment tasks to assist with consistency and moderation. They also use a range of class-based learning activities to determine students’ levels of achievement against the relevant Achievement Standard of the Australian Curriculum.

For more information please contact your child’s teacher or the executive teacher of the relevant subject area.




Humanities and Social Sciences

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Other subjects

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