Policies and Procedures

Letter from Business Manager regarding management of Hazardous Materials at Lanyon High School

The Business Manager has written a letter to parents/carers and community members about  how Lanyon High School is managing  hazardous materials that are present in its building.

Please click on the below link to read the full letter for further details.

Hazardous Materials Letter

Year 10 Certificate Policy

In order to receive a Year 10 Certificate, students need to display a satisfactory standard of; academic performance, attendance and behaviour. Progress is reviewed at the end of each term for all year 9 and 10 students. If there are concerns about progress, then a Year 10 Certificate Improvement Plan is developed, with specific goals to be achieved. The is the Executive Teacher of Student Services and the Year 10 Pastoral Care advisor review student progress and assist students to develop goals in consultation with parents/cares.

Year 10 Certificate Policy.pdf (227.2 KB)


School starts at 9:00am. The first bell rings at 8:55am to ensure all student are in class on time at 9:00am. If you are aware your child will be late please send them to the Rolls Office with a note so that the school does not have to contact you.

If your child is absent and you are unable to contact the school by phone you can send an email to: lanyonHSstudentabsences@ed.act.edu.au

Electronic Devices

At Lanyon High School we recognise the use of personal electronic devices to support learning. However, the inappropriate use of electronic devices is disruptive to the learning environment and safety of all students. Electronic devices that can be used as a form of communication or entertainment can be used in class under the instruction of the class teacher for educational purposes.

This policy is supported by ACT legislation.

Mobile Phone Policy for 2022-2024

Thank you to the parents who provided feedback and support of the Mobile Phone policy.  This policy was presented to the school board in week 8 Term 4 2020 and was fully endorsed. The policy has since been reviewed in 2021 and 2022. To prepare your students for the implementation of the phone policy, below is a document for further information about the mobile phone policy. .

Mobile Phones at Lanyon High School

Student Medication

Before any staff member accepts responsibility for administering prescribed medication to a student in their care, the principal must:

If the Front Office is currently administering medication to your child at your request, it would be appreciated if you could provide the above permissions and information to Front Office staff as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that your child is receiving proper assistance with their medication.