Lanyon High School in the News

Lanyon High School Celebrates 20 Years

In October 2016, Lanyon High School Celebrated 20 years since its opening.  The occasion was marked by a special assembly which was attending by all students and staff, former staff and special guests who were involved in planning and building the school.   Founding principal, Barry Woolacott spoke at the assembly and shared his memories of Lanyon's first years.

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Lanyon Students receive a special mention in Tanya Plibersek's 2016 National Press Club Address.

Deputy Principal Julie Collins attended last week's National Press Club address with our leadership students Jen Bradberry, Connor Easton, Belinda Keevers and Grant Kolsky.  The students received a special welcome in the opening of Tanya Plibersek's speech.   Her address was broadcast Australia wide and our students represented us with pride.

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Tim Cahill Visits Lanyon High School

When Socceros player Tim Cahill visited Lanyon High School, the whole school watched on as he judged a juggling competition.   Winning student, David Gurney was overcome with emotion when he was awarded with the honour of bringing out the match ball for the upcoming world cup qualifier match at Bruce Stadium.  Tim Cahill took the opportunity to speak to all of our students about following their dreams and working hard towards achieving their best in life.

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Paper Cranes

Lanyon High school hit the front page of the Canberra Chronicle with our paper crane project.   Year 10 leadership students have led the creation of 4,500 paper cranes, which have been hung throughout the school in an effort to spread the messages of hope and peace.  This was in remembrance of all those who died as a result of the nuclear bombing of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War 2.

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Year 9 Giving Projects

Each Year 9 students complete a giving project and share it with the school community in an learning Expo.   In 2015 all year 9 students were involved in developing and carrying various projects that focused on 'giving back' to our community.   The Chronicle Newspaper reported on this and the article can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

This lesson all about giving back

Lanyon High School celebrated on local TV News

A group of 37 teachers form the Dubbo region visited our school recently to observe how our teachers and teachers in our feeder primary schools, Bonython and Gordon Primary Schools, teach writing. The visit was reported on WIN TV news on 12 November which was a great promotion of our schools and the work that our teachers and students do.

Lanyon High School Win News video

The teachers from Dubbo gave us some very positive feedback about the consistency in teaching approaches in our schools that supports our students' learning. They also noted that our school was a calm learning environment and that the interactions between staff and students were positive. They also commented on the active teaching - not one teacher was sitting at their desk and they moved around the class, attending to students. Further, students knew what they were learning and there were clear learning intentions on the board which seemed to keep students engaged.

Rita van Haren