Road Ready

At Lanyon High School Year 10 students are able to take the Road Ready course for free, including the Road Rules Knowledge Test, as part of the pastoral care program.

Road Ready is a program designed to help young people in the ACT to become safer and more competent drivers.

The program is run in week 10 of term 1 and 2 each year. Students are enrolled based on their birthdate.

The course includes a range of problem solving and decision-making sessions, statistical analysis, group tasks and research assignments.

Practice questions can be found on the Road Ready website.

Students who are unable to complete the Road Ready Course at school or who fail their 3 attempts at the Road Rules Knowledge test administered at school can take the course at a Road Ready Centre. It costs $175.00 (including GST), which includes 3 attempts at the Road Rules Knowledge Test - retesting.

For information regarding provision of the Road Ready Course for Non English Speaking Background and Special Needs Groups - please contact the Road Ready Centre on telephone 6109 0152.

For more information and course availability go to Road Ready Centre website